About Us



Top Steel Gym Weights is a leading fitness equipment manufacturing company since 2012. We are supplier in India also our services provided at globally. We offer big array of best quality weightlifting equipment with various categories of dumbbells, weight plates, barbells and kettlebell.

We provide the quality product service to the customer for retailer or dealer. Our main contract done with gym owners, sport stores, trainers included Corporation, Army, Government, Builders and Clubs or Home gym. We also provide services of gym machines and gym setup.

Quality Assurance

Top Steel is biggest manufacturing company from Vadodara, Gujarat. We know just for our quality of product. Our premium quality guaranteed product always touch the heart of customer. Company give the proper attention for manufacturing process from casting to rubber coating for high quality of gym equipment.

Our Vision And Motto

We know the demand of gym. Our motto is to provide top-notch product to users of gym equipment. Our best quality equipment give the satisfaction of workout and stay motivated. Standard gym equipment helps to boost our business.
Our Vision is to give the service of premium quality of fitness equipment in global market. We are committed to exports guaranteed rubber coated dumbbells, cast iron weight plates, barbells and kettlebells to reach strength training. We understand the safety while workouts, check out the features of equipment reach the need of customer.


Sand Muller Machine

We use a sand muller machine to mix the sand properly for further processing. Sands need to be mixed well and knitted for use in sand molds. With the help of this machine, we can fulfill our customer demand in time. We use sand, water and clay to mix sand. Sometimes for better-bending use chemicals in it.

Casting Foundry

We are used to casting process to dumbbells and weight plates. We molded the molten metal and let it cool and solidified into a hollow cavity shape. Casting is most often use to make complex shapes that would be difficult by other method.

Grinding Process

From this friction process, we removes excess metal from product. Hard bur and chip are removed by friction. This grinding process is subset of cutting. Grinding process is used to eliminate work pieces from dumbbells and weight plates to the product. Grinding removes high volumes of metal very rapidly.

Knurling Process

For easy workout and better grip to customer, we used knurling on handle of rod. This is a work of art on the router diameter of the handle. This process make comfortable user to lift weight physically. Our expert team doing this process accurate with perfection.

Welding Process

The welding process is the last process to give the shape of gym equipment. Our experienced welder operators joint the handlebars of the dumbbells by welding. That unbreakable joints make durable gym product.

Rubber Mixing

We make the natural rubber molding process in-house. We maintain a quality of rubber with the uses of its various powder and chemical to make them strong and durable. We provide the best quality of gym product to the customer.

Molding Process

We do the molding process of rubber to formed by pressure and heating to give shape to dumbbells. To increase the flexibility, we coating the rubber on casting dumbbells. With passes from this process our gym equipment becomes exception and versatile. We also do mass production as per the requirement of our customer.

Packing Process

We packed the product of customer first inner packing with plastic. Then we kept in 3 ply box and then sealed it properly. Box packing are sealed with strip wrapping for dispatch to customer. We provide customer name, address with pin code, product name, quantity, weight, etc. We touched with customer till product completely reach to the customer.