Bodyweight Exercises Without Gym Equipment At Home

Want to start the exercise? Do not have the equipment or not eligible to buy it? Don’t worry. We have lots of exercises for full-body workout without using a single piece of gym equipment. Machines are not compulsory for workouts in the fitness journey.

Exercises are an important part of our routine. You go to a gym, and take a membership of high range, however, you have to wait for the machine to workout. Is it ok? NO… You don’t want to wait for a long time due to your busy schedule, arrange office hours, homework schedule, and so many tasks you have for the whole day.

Then why not use calisthenic exercises at home that are easy to schedule in your routine.

Benefits of bodyweight exercises at home

  • Accessibility: You just need some space to workout at home with a fresh mind.
  • Budget-free: There is no need to use any equipment for exercise or to take gym membership.
  • Versatile: Bodyweight exercises target your full body muscles and stretch them. You feel energetic and fresh.
  • Adaptability: You can change the level of workout as per need.

It is good things to include bodyweight exercise in your routine. You will enjoy all the calisthenic exercises that help to stability, flexibility and strength to your body.

Here are the exercises of bodyweight when you don’t have fitness equipment.

1. Push-ups:

               Push-ups are focused on the upper body muscles and strengthen them. It also targets wide arms for the chest and close arms for the triceps with its different movement variations.

>> Take a classic push-up position. Straight back with legs, and your hands beneath your shoulder.

>> Keep your body rigid. Now lower yourself until your chest almost touch to the floor.

>> Then push yourself up until your arms are extended. Then repeat it.

2. Squat:

               It strengthens your lower body and core muscles. Regular squat exercises burn calories and lose your body weight.

>> Stand with your hips just wider than shoulder apart. Stack up your knees and knees over your ankle.

>> Keep your chest neutral, shoulder ups and imagine sitting in a chair.

>> Get your thighs are parallel to the floor, keep your knees over the ankles and your weight back to your heels.

>> Keep your abs tight and push your heels to return to the position.

3. Plank:

               Planks are the most important workout to improve your body stability, posture and balance. It helps to avoid illness. It improves your physical as well as mental health.

>> Put your hands directly under your shoulders like a push-up position.

>> Ground your toes into the floor and squeeze your glutes and thighs. Take a neutral position parallel with the head to the legs.

>> Slightly tuck your pelvis to keep your booty down and pull your abs in like crazy. Stay in position for 20-30 sec or as long as without losing form.

4. Crunch:

               Crunches help to create abs. It is not necessary to work out with machines to make six-packs or strengthen abdominal muscles. Crunches are the best option without equipment to target abs muscles.

>> Lie on the floor with your knees to the ceiling and your feet hip-width apart.

>> Looking up, take your hands to your head, lightly touching behind your ears.

>> Pull your abs in, eliminating any gap between your lower back and the floor.

>> Keeping that, raise your shoulders and upper back off the floor with an exhale, inhale as you lower, then repeat it.

5. Mountain climbers:

               This is an excellent full-body workout exercise. Move your legs like climbing a mountain. This workout gets your heart pumping while also firing up several muscle groups in your arms and legs.

>> Start with a plank position with your arms fully extended. Then, bring your right knee toward your chest.

>> As you push your right leg back to the starting position, bring your left knee towards your chest.

>> Continue alternating legs as quickly as you can, making sure to keep your core muscles tight.

6. Lungs:

               Lungs exercises improve blood circulation and strengthen the issues around the lungs helping them function. This exercise brings oxygen into your body.

>> Stand with your feet hip-width apart, your abs engaged and your chin up. Step forward with your right leg, and shift your weight so your heel hits the floor.

>> Lower until your right thigh is parallel to the floor, your right calf is vertical and your left knee is almost at the floor.

>> Press into your right heel to push back up to standing then alternate sides.


               Bodyweight exercises offer a flexible, cost-effective and efficient way to achieve your fitness goal. With no equipment, it’s challenging for you to workout. So, are you ready to start bodyweight exercises without gym equipment?

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