Benefits Of Rubber Coated Dumbbells For Home Use.

Hex dumbbells finishing with rubber coating comes in different variation

Are you confused to choosing for dumbbells material?

Then you must read this article… Here you will be able to sure that which type of dumbbells you have to choose for your home gym workout from many options.

Different types material of dumbbells:

In market if you search many types of dumbbells available with different materials like our traditional dumbbells means Metal dumbbells without any coating, another one is neoprene dumbbells which is fully coated with soft neoprene and other is our rubber coated dumbbells which made with metal material inside with rubber coating outside. These all are fixed size dumbbells and comes with different variations.

Metal Dumbbells:

This type of dumbbells crafted with just metal material. These dumbbells are traditional dumbbells of fitness equipment. They are also made with metal or steel material, Stainless steel dumbbells are little more famous than metal.

                This type of dumbbell comes with pure metal fixed sizes or adjustable. The adjustable dumbbell having bar with different sizes metal weight plates, where fixed size dumbbell has different variation of weights for weightlifting.

Rubber-coated Dumbbells:

Benefits of rubber coated dumbbells

Rubber dumbbells are technically made with metal but just coating with rubber. These rubber dumbbells can with fully or partially rubber coated as per requirement.

                This rubber coating makes them more durable since rubber makes them another layer of protection from damage in case of your dumbbells fallen on floor. You are not only protect the floor but also protect yourself as well it by mistake drop from your hand you are not that much injured. That why rubber coated dumbbells are quite expensive than metal dumbbells.

                Another way rubber coating are saves you from rusting issue while you work out. Feel free from Rust and corrode and just concentrate on your fitness goal. They also water proof which gives you long durability of product.

                Purchase best quality of rubber coated dumbbells and beware of duplicate rubber dumbbells which are filled with concrete rather than metal. You can also choose in shape of dumbbells in rubber dumbbells for home gym workout.

Differentiate with Rubber coated dumbbells with traditional dumbbells:

There is no doubt that rubber coating dumbbells are more affordable than only metal traditional dumbbells.

Main difference is rubber dumbbells don’t make much noise when accidently drop and also it will not damage your floor against this traditional dumbbells has no safety for damage.

Rubber coated dumbbells are very comfortable for exercise

Except traditional dumbbells, you can perform exercise with more comfortable because it does not get heat and cold quickly. Traditional dumbbells are catch heat more quickly so you can hold it long time period.

Differentiate with Neoprene dumbbells

Neoprene dumbbells are mostly used for aerobics and lights exercises. If you want to achieve the next level of fitness you should go with fixed weight rubber coated dumbbells for target muscles.

Benefits of Rubber-coated Dumbbells:


                This dumbbells are made with metal but coating with heavy rubber which gives dual protection for long life durability. Hence rubber doesn’t rust, so you can expect rubber dumbbells hold longer.


                Rubber is less slippery than metal, its fell you injuring free workout without any protection which preventing the development of hand fatigue. The best part is knurling, you can hold for more workout to target muscles.

Storage space:

                Rubber dumbbells consumes little more space than metal dumbbells due to its rubber coating. But it’ now easy to store with small dumbbells rack for home gym. If you planning to setup home gym, it’s easy to store and convenient.


Rubber dumbbells are more efficient than traditional dumbbells and any other types. If you want to reach your fitness goal you should go with rubber coated dumbbells. They becoming very famous in short time due to its extra-ordinary benefits and attractive look. They are comfortable to target muscles, strength, body building and weight loss.

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